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What is it?

This 2nd level specialised gynaecological screening test consists in examining the vulva using a special microscope known as a Colposcope.

Useful information

The procedure is painless, non-invasive and non-traumatic, no anaesthesia is required and it takes the same time as a gynaecology consultation. Unlike up until a few years ago, the test is not performed using dyes, but with images of the vulvar mucosa magnified using the Colposcope (up to 40X), making it possible to observe lesions not visible to the naked eye. This procedure can be performed during pregnancy.

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This procedure is used as a complement to the PAP test and Colposcopy for the early diagnosis of preneoplastic and neoplastic disease of the vulva. It constitutes an important diagnostic tool for conditions of viral origin (HPV-HSV) of the vulva that are common in young women. It has also assumed a particular recommendation in degenerative vulvar skin disease that is characteristic of old age, making it possible to identify an appropriate therapeutic procedure even in the presence of infectious and inflammatory vulvar diseases that are difficult to characterise.