Center registered to the National ART Registry. Identification number 080002
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The Cough Study and Treatment Centre, which was founded in Bologna in 1996, is the first facility in Europe to deal exclusively with the cough problem.

The initiative originates from cooperation with specialists from different branches who, by combining their experience in different sectors, have developed a protocol for the integrated management of a complex issue such as that of persistent cough.

A global vision of this problem has made it possible to establish diagnostic criteria able to lead, with excellent results, to a correct aetiological diagnosis and consequently a specific and effective treatment.

The objectives of the Cough Study and Treatment Centre are to manage patients with chronic persistent cough and generate research and scientific publications on the topic. In order to achieve these objectives, the facility has set up its own Scientific Committee based on partnerships with a number of national and international university and hospital centres.

Section prepared by Dr. Alessandro Zanasi.


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