Since its first edition in 2000, the SISMER Forum has become an unmissable appointment for its guests, who get together to investigate different aspects of life and science.

500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest dreamer and scientist of all times, left us an inestimable heritage of masterpieces, projects, prototypes and visionary dreams. Imagination and dreams still play an important role in the processes of creation and discovery.

The 16th SISMER Forum aimed to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci as well as his “followers” in the areas of Reproductive Medicine, Reproductive Biology and Genetics. This event, which took place in Bologna on the 13th September, gathered outstanding pioneers and the new generation of clinicians and scientists to share experience, ideas and visions.


Introducing the Dreamers (L. Gianaroli)

Safe and Sound: Protecting future patients from clinical risks (P. Devroey)

The Evolving challenges of Human Reproduction (R. G. Farquharson)

The Hope of a Common European Regulation for ART (K. Diedrich)

Endocrinological dreams: the follicle of the future (J. Tapanainen)

The Lab of the future? (A. Sunde)

Pushing the boundaries of reproductive science (A. Van Steirteghem)

Reproductive Genetics and the Future of Man (J. Geraedts)

One embryo, one healthy adult (K. Lundin)

Stem Cells, From imagination to medical treatments (A. Veiga)

Fertility preservation is (always) possibile (S. Azzena)

The next generation of dreamers (L. Coll)

Thanks to our Dreamers (L. Gianaroli)