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Quality assurance

The concept of Quality Assurance in healthcare originates from the need for efficacy, aimed at altering patient health, and for effectiveness, aimed at the best possible use of the resources available. What does obtaining UNI-EN-ISO certification mean for a healthcare provider? On a practical level, it means that a third party (in our case Certiquality), provides users with a guarantee by certifying the awareness and responsibility of the organisation (S.I.S.Me.R. S.r.l.) regarding quality in terms of:

  • user satisfaction;
  • on-going improvement;
  • compliance of clinical results with service standards and their maintenance over time.

SISMeR’s institutional ends aim to achieve full patient satisfaction by providing the best hospitality and best service whilst guaranteeing absolute safety in the practice of reproductive medicine, the administration of therapy and in patient monitoring.

SISMeR quality system complies with the new  UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard since 12/04/2018 (Certificate n. 1298. Registration Number 1298/6/B + 1298/6/I issued by Certiquality).

guarantee the highest quality in the treatment the patient’s health requires, provided using a day surgery approach, i.e. in the best environmental and human conditions possible, in order to avoid any bewilderment generated by hospitalisation and the consequent clinical treatment. SISMeR’s quality policy means that the consulting doctor who assumes responsibility for diagnosis and treatment is guaranteed all the resources required.

Today in Italy, an ever-greater number of patients demand quality from healthcare institutions and expect increasingly high-level and reliable services, fully aware that they require the best technologybest facilities and best organisation as well as integration based on technical and scientific progress that can rely on an impeccably-trained and highly-motivated medical team. These commitments provided SISMeR with the stimulus to undertake the difficult and demanding teaching and organisational programme that allowed it to become the first Reproductive Medicine centre in Italy and one of the first in Europe to obtain ISO 9002 certification as far back as 1998. This also enabled it to continue the development programme, allowing SISMeR to obtain on 11/12/2009 the new and more prestigious UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certification. Since the 12th April 2018, S.I.S.Me.R.’s certification was renewed in compliance with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

SISMeR’s Quality Assurance Manager (QAM)
Dr. Daniele Barnabè