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What is it?

This procedure is used to store male gametes at very low temperatures (in liquid nitrogen).

Useful information

Certain preliminary tests have to be performed before the seminal fluid can be cryopreserved. Before being able to have their seminal fluid cryopreserved, patients need to have a meeting with the centre’s supervising doctors.

In the interests of patient convenience, it is possible, on the same day, to make an appointment with the Laboratory, which will inform the patient of the conditions regarding days of abstinence and use of medicines.

How to make an appointment

Call your preferred centre for an appointment.

Find out more

SISMeR provides its patients with useful information on topics related to infertility and Medically-Assisted Procreation techniques. For this, it has published a series of booklets that are given to patients when they visit their SISMeR Centre.