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What is it?

The ERA test is used to evaluate and determine whether, at the time of biopsy, the patient’s endometrium has a “receptive” genetic profile. This analysis defines the duration of the implantation window and allows individualised embryo transfer that is planned on the basis of the results obtained.

This test is recommended for patients with an apparently normal uterus and a normal endometrial thickness, in whom no medical problems have been observed. An incorrect implantation window is observed in approximately 20% of these patients. This analysis makes it possible to determine the correct time window for implantation, so that embryo transfer can be performed according to the results obtained.

Any embryo transfer must be performed using the same therapy regimen used for the test. Transfer therefore requires the prior cryopreservation of the oocytes and/or embryos.

Useful information

The biopsy is performed by collecting a small sample of tissue from the fundus of the uterus using a dedicated catheter. This sample is then sent to the lab for genetic testing.

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